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Your family happier and gealthier.

Your family happier and gealthier.

About Us

Charlotte’s Premier Cleaning Professionals!

Meet Dirt Free, the unbeatable cleaning experts in Charlotte, NC! With their wealth of experience and a passion for perfection, they offer unmatched cleaning services for homes and businesses alike. From meticulous residential cleanups to thorough commercial deep cleaning, Lucas and Team have you covered.

Whether you need a fresh start for your new home or a pristine workspace to impress clients, they deliver excellence in every detail. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – entrust your cleaning needs to Lucas and Team for a spotless and rejuvenating environment. Contact them now and experience the true essence of cleanliness in Charlotte!

Why Hire Us?

Exceptional Professionalism

When you hire Dirt Free, you can count on a team of highly skilled and experienced cleaning professionals. Their professional approach ensures high-quality results, with meticulous attention to detail, providing an immaculate and sanitized environment.

Diversity of Services

Dirt Free offers a wide range of cleaning services, including residential and commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, and move-in/move-out services. Whatever your cleaning needs, they are equipped to handle any challenge, ensuring your space shines and feels fresh.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is Dirt Free's top priority. The team is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, delivering each project to the highest standards of quality. Their friendly and professional approach creates a positive experience for clients, resulting in lasting partnerships and trust in the excellence of services provided by Dirt Free.

Discover Our Services

Explore the Range of Services We Offer

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning refers to the cleaning and maintenance of homes and living spaces. Dirt Free can assist its clients by providing professional and comprehensive residential cleaning services, ensuring a clean and rejuvenated environment for their homes.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning é a limpeza e manutenção de estabelecimentos comerciais, escritórios e espaços comerciais. A Dirt Free oferece aos seus clientes serviços profissionais e eficientes de limpeza comercial, garantindo um ambiente impecável e convidativo que promove uma impressão positiva para seus clientes e funcionários.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a thorough and intensive cleaning process that tackles hard-to-reach and often neglected areas. Dirt Free excels in providing expert deep cleaning services to its clients, ensuring a comprehensive and meticulous cleaning experience. Their skilled team uses specialized equipment and cleaning techniques to achieve exceptional results, leaving spaces revitalized and free from accumulated dirt, grime, and allergens.

Move in / Move out

Move-in/move-out cleaning involves a detailed cleaning of a property before moving in or after moving out. Dirt Free offers its clients specialized move-in/move-out cleaning services, ensuring a smooth transition into a clean and welcoming new home or leaving the previous property spotless for the next occupants. Their team handles every aspect of the cleaning process, leaving no corner untouched, and providing a fresh start for the new residents or a seamless moving experience for those leaving the property.

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